Last Week

Last week marked the end of Dry January (mixed success) and the first week of not working with my best friend. I started the week absolutely shattered from working all weekend in London and it took me a few days, if not most of the week, to recover. This started a downward spiral into a very unmotivated week. I took Monday off working but did go to the gym, my small win of the day. Tuesday was meant to be a productive day….it was not. I think the most productive thing I did on Tuesday was get dressed and turn up to my college lecture. I spent the rest of the week going to work and not doing much else.

Being unmotivated sucks! Especially when I had been so productive the rest of the month. I felt so guilty for not doing the ton of work I have on my to do list, and this made me even more unmotivated, creating a massive cycle of unmotivatedness.

Then I thought to myself, your tired, let yourself relax a little! You work your ass off most of the time, give yourself a break. So I took the weekend off, I drank with my boyfriend, and slept in on Sunday and watched movies all day. Only picking my laptop up once to edit a picture for work. It felt great and I now feel ready to start this week motivated again.


I’ve learnt this week that sometimes we need a break in order to be productive, we can’t constantly be running about ticking off that to do list all the time.

S x


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