Work, Eat, Sleep

So it was back to London last weekend for work again and all we did was work, eat and sleep. Here is a rundown of all the food we ate, all of which I would highly recommend.

Once we arrived in London and finished our day of work we decided to go for Thai food at Bubusa Eathai . This is a chain of restaurants across London which I had been to before. I ordered the Thai Sweet and Sour Chicken and I was so hungry that I accidentally devoured it before taking a picture. But I did manage to take a photo of the Watermelon Collins I had.


On the Saturday we went to Homeslice for lunch, which serves amazing 20″ pizza’s either whole or by the slice. We then went to Black Opium Coffee Specialist, which is just round the corner, and had coffee and coffee cake. This is the cutest cafe and is my apartment decoration goals.


For dinner we walked to Old Spitalfields market and went for a slightly more expensive dinner at Blixen. I had the most amazing roast chicken and then had affogato for desert which was delicious. My work colleague had the cookies and cream for desert, which was literally two cookies and a side of cream, but she said it was so good and definitely worth the calories.


Sunday was a busier day at work for us but one of our customer’s on the Saturday had recommended we go for breakfast at a Beigel Shop on Brick Lane. We trudged up the street with our suitcases in tow till we reached the Beigel shop and bought two beigels with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese (our customer highly recommends the Salt Beef if you ever end up going). We left the shop with our two beigels in hand and suddenly came across another beigel shop, two doors down. Panic set in that we had bought the wrong beigels, but a quick google search later and apparently they are both as good as each other (although most people have their loyalty towards one).


We had to skip lunch on Sunday due to our work load so we got Prime Burger for the train on the way back to Glasgow. They make such a good burger and the cheese and bacon fries are amazing (despite my slight lactose intolerance). Word of warning though, do not get the garlic butter fries to go. They are very buttery and leaked everywhere, all over the table, my colleagues scarf and somehow both of our suitcases.

I’m glad to be home for a bit of rest for the next couple of weeks and a little bit of healthy eating before going back to London again.

S x




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