30 before 30

Five more years before I hit the big three zero! There has been a recent trend of 30 before 30, which I think is a great way to bucket list everything you want to do and get all your ideas out of your head and down onto “paper”. So here is my 30 before 30.

  1. Travel to Australia
  2. Go on safari
  3. Spend some time shopping and exploring in New York
  4. Buy a pair of Louboutins and not feel guilty about it
  5. Run a half marathon
  6. Learn a language
  7. Live abroad for a month
  8. Get a dog
  9. Start a business
  10. Roadtrip across America
  11. Visit Bali
  12. Learn how to make pasta from scratch
  13. See Angus and Julia Stone live
  14. Take a cake decoration class
  15. Finish decorating my apartment
  16. Create a wardrobe I am inspired by
  17. Practice Yoga regularly
  18. Read at least 100 books
  19. Go diving more
  20. Party in Vegas
  21. Improve my wine knowledge
  22. Learn how to make sushi
  23. Dye my hair
  24. See the Northern Lights
  25. Learn how to use my camera not on auto mode
  26. Participate in a Tough Mudder
  27. Learn how to love and appreciate my body
  28. Buy a nice car
  29. Spend a weekend in Budapest
  30. Have a Spa weekend

SJ x

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