Workwear Ideas

I don’t know about you but I really struggle with workwear. Men have it lucky, they can throw on a shirt and trousers and they are good to go. With women it’s harder, there is a thin line between appropriate and inappropriate sometimes. Finding appropriate tops in summer is hard, with everything being sleeveless. Trying to find office wear in you personal style can also prove difficult. Pinterest and other bloggers are a life saver for me, both are great for inspiration. While I was recently in London I decided to photograph my five work outfits to try and give you some ideas if your ever struggling. Unfortunately some of the items are not available anymore but I have done my best to link the closest thing I can find. Thanks to Caitlin for being my chief photographer!

Outfit 1







White and Grey Striped Shirt – Monki                                                            

Grey Trousers – Zara – These are about a year old, so here is a similar alternative

Black Loafers – Topshop                                                  

Burgundy Coat – Ted Baker                                  

Outfit 2






Black and White Striped Shirt – Monki            

Burgundy Culottes – Topshop                                                

Black Loafers – Topshop                                                  

Outfit 3




Black Shirt – H&M                

Grey Check Trousers – Monki              

Tan Trench Coat – Topshop              

Black Loafers – Topshop                                                  

Outfit 4



White Shirt – Next                                                

Black Skirt – Mango (alternative ASOS)                                  

Black Heeled Boots – Topshop          

Outfit 5




Black and White Striped Bodysuit – Miss Selfridge (alternative ASOS)

Grey Trousers – Zara – These are about a year old, so here is a similar alternative

Black Loafers – Topshop                                                  

Black Belt – H&M                    

Sunglasses – Accessorize,acc_23.7/4932512700

SJ x

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