How to Get Your Motivation Back

“She believed she could so she did”

Do you ever have those weeks where everything is happening all at once? Two weeks ago I started a new position at work, was a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding and had an assignment due at college. For weeks I had been building up to it, trying to get as organised as possible and now that its all over I have crashed. I lost all motivation last week, I went to work and then had very little energy to do anything else. But this week I am back at it! Ready to go and excited to work hard again. Here are the things I did last week that have allowed me to declutter my mind and get back my motivation.

1. Spring Clean

Although I did very little last week I did manage to deep clean my entire apartment. It now feels so fresh and new, and it has really helped to get on top of the chores. A clean space can really help boost your motivation.

2. Move the room around

While I was spring cleaning I also moved around all the furniture in my living room. As well as being super clean it also feels so much bigger and I am loving the room even more. I’ve managed to create a better space for my dining table, which means I don’t have to pull it out of a corner every time I want to sit down at it and the balcony door is now so much more accessible. I think that moving your space around can be so good for your creativity and really helps you get out of a rut.

3. Start doing something for yourself

Sometimes in order to gain some motivation you need to take a little bit of time to do something for yourself. We can get so busy running around at work, doing chores and errands and making sure everyone else is alright that we forget to take ourselves into consideration. For the past week I have been spending the last 15 minutes of my day doing yoga. As well as stretching my body (which is really helping post gym session!), it is also helping me to destress and get a better nights sleep. This all leads to a much more motivational day. It doesn’t have to be yoga though, it can be anything you enjoy which destresses you and allows you to take some time for yourself.

4. Getting back into a routine

When your busy you can fall out of a your routine very easily. Staying up a little bit later just to get stuff done and ending up waking up later as a result. I try to stop working every night by half 9 and try to stop looking at screens after 10pm. While I was trying to get my college work completed this went out the window. Since that work is now handed in, I have been trying to get back into my routine as I find this is the routine that helps me be the most productive and motivated.

 5. Create new goals

Create some new goals for yourself to work towards. When you’ve had such a busy week that you have been building up to for months it is easy to feel lost afterwards. Creating new goals for yourself can really help to gain back some direction and motivation. These can be career goals, creative goals, fitness goals or life goals, what ever puts you back in that girl boss spirit.

I hope the ways that I create motivation for myself can inspire you when feeling unmotivated and stuck.

SJ x


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