Botanical Bedroom Inspiration

After 5 years of living in my apartment I am finally getting round to decorating. I recently started living on my own so I have started with the spare bedroom. My inspiration first came from this wall mural from Wayfair;

Wall Mural - Wayfair

At the moment this is as far as I have managed to get. Life (and to be honest bills) have gotten in the way of doing much more. I have this wall mural up on one wall and have painted the rest of the walls white. All of the furniture I have in that room is white and I basically use it as a spare bedroom/office/sewing room so I need it to be super functional and flexible.

My idea is to keep it mostly white with touches of the dark green colour and gold. I thought I would share my inspirations with you and maybe this will inspire your own room makeover.

A lot of my inspiration either comes from Pinterest (who else loves Pinterest after a busy day at work?), from surfing through my favourite homeware sites and from coffee shops and restaurants. I promise to share the end result of my spare room once it is complete but until then you can check out more of my botanical bedroom inspiration over on my Pinterest.

SJ x

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