Twenty Five

I’m Twenty Six! I normally hate my birthday, it’s not because I’m getting older, I just hate the grand expectations you have for your birthday which never get met. Since acknowledging this and changing my mindset I have had some great birthdays. I don’t want to focus on the actually day though because what was better than my birthday was my entire year of being Twenty Five.

I’ve been to two beautiful weddings this year, one of which was my older sister’s. I was a bridesmaid and it was such a lovely day filled with lovely memories.

I didn’t do much travelling but I did go to London on multiple work trips. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love London and really need to go down there on a non work trip soon.

I took my boyfriend away for a surprise Glamping trip on his birthday which was great fun. The “tent” was definitely not a tent and had cooking facilities, a massive bed and a log burner. Such great memories and I think we will go back at one point, maybe with some friends.

Being with someone who doesn’t stay in Glasgow has also meant that I have experienced the city I live in in a completely different way. Visiting parks and museums and eating out more. We are constantly walking around Glasgow and finding new bars, restaurants and things to see. This also works in the opposite way and I am also getting to know where he lives a lot more. My relationship has made me do and see so much more this year.

We went Quadbiking! I was so nervous to do this as it is slightly out of my comfort zone but it was actually great and I totally recommend it.

I passed my college course! This was such hard work as I was also working full time but it was so worth it and I am so glad I challenged myself in this way.

I had some great times with friends, eating delicious food, drinking (maybe a little to much), dancing, singing and exploring.

I cooked and bakes lots! I have also paid for my new kitchen which is getting fitting in a few weeks. I am so excited!!!

My boyfriend and I took a long weekend off together at the start of December and went to the Glasgow Christmas market and then the Edinburgh Christmas market. We also spent the night in Edinburgh at the MacDonald Holyrood Hotel, and went to their spa as a wee treat to ourselves.

Some parts of the year were not amazing. This year has taught me that we can get through the difficult times and that great friends and family are the best support system you could ever have. Although this year has overall been great, there are people that will be ever so greatly missed and will forever leave cracks in our hearts.

I hope that Twenty Six has the same joy, more challenges and lots of experiences.

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