Mess! That is what I am living with this week. I love when my flat is clean and tidy and I can’t stand when people are in my house and it is not perfect. There is clutter in all of the cupboards because I struggle to throw anything away but people can’t see that when they come over.

I am getting my new kitchen fitting this week. This means that I have a new kitchen (in boxes) in my living room, old parts of my kitchen everywhere, dirt in the carpet, boxes of kitchen things in the bath and boxes of tiles in the spare room. This stresses my out! I feel like I am living in an absolute tip right now. I have also created more mess by deciding to decorate my bedroom, nearly six years of living in a magnolia box is enough to make anyone crazy. With a week off work this is the perfect time for me to do it but I now have my bedroom things in boxes and my furniture in the middle of the room covered in dust sheets. Apparently no room is safe from the mess.

In a few weeks time once everything is done I know that I will love it all and fall in love with my flat even more. I even think the mess might be a good thing for me and stop me from being so neurotic with where things need to be. My poor boyfriend gets all the mood swings from me when he puts something in the wrong place or leaves a slight mess so fingers crossed for him the mess of these couple of weeks will make me a less crazy person.

Don’t worry new kitchen and bedroom posts are coming as soon as the rooms are complete!

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